Connect with the 88th Texas Legislature

Dr. Lynn Stucky, Texas State Representative

With the elections finalized, the work has officially begun on opening the first chapter of the 88th Texas Legislature. Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever for Texans to engage with and take part in the legislative process. Here are some tips to stay connected during the upcoming legislative session.

House.Texas.Gov: This is your go-to website for finding out information about the members of the Texas House of Representatives, the committees, hearings, special Capitol notices, and other resources. In addition to learning about lawmakers, you can also find quick links to information about visiting the Capitol, including tours and more.

This is also the website you can use if you plan to testify as a witness in a committee hearing, find links to live streams of the House Floor and committee hearings, and read notices about upcoming hearings.

Senate.Texas.Gov: For those looking for information on the Texas Senate, this is the go-to website. It is similar to the House website, with links to information about members, their committees, and legislative schedules.

Capitol.Texas.Gov: This is a policy wonk’s favorite place to visit. Pre-filing of bills for the upcoming session will begin in mid-November. When those bills are filed, they will be available to read on this website. It also is a central hub for all information about actions taken by the Texas Legislature.

Known as Texas Legislature Online (TLO), this site allows you to create a profile where you can save and track bills. You can also use the site to review policy from previous legislative sessions. This is the best way to keep tabs on bills as they move through to process.

The 88th Texas Legislature will convene on Jan. 10, at which point the newly drawn House districts will officially take effect. I have enjoyed getting to know the folks in Wise County, which was added to House District 64 during the redistricting process. It is my honor to serve both Wise and Denton County as your voice in the Texas House of Representatives.

To connect with my Capitol office, you may email [email protected] or call 512-463-0582. For local issues, call my district office at 940-243-0230.

Stay tuned for updates on the opening of a satellite office in Decatur in January. To sign up for my newsletter, send an email to [email protected].