Creating and Grinning with Kiln Krafters

Frances Hackley

The Kiln Krafters Club has a great time creating unique, one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces. The best part is all the fun they have doing it. Pouring the pieces then cleaning, firing, painting, and then firing once again takes quite a bit of time. One piece can easily mean 20 hours spent on one creation, so these ladies get to spend a lot of time together. That truly is the fun part. Frankly, many of the world’s problems and those of Robson’s are solved right there in these ladies’ discussions. Well, at least color choices, who’s firing, and why isn’t this glaze sticking, are.

The Krafters in the group also enjoy helping out in nearby communities. For instance, Kiln Krafters, along with Happy Potters, spent the Tuesday just before Christmas at the Justin Food Band. They assisted in helping residents pick presents for relatives and friends from an assortment of handmade pieces of ceramic and pottery. They started off with children of all ages picking ceramic animal or pottery pieces for their someone special. Then their gift was bagged and tied with a ribbon and ready to give. Toward the end of the evening, adults who were unable to get out and shop for gifts did so from their cars. Both clubs have already started making items for next year, benefiting those frequenting the Justin Food Bank.

If you are interested in joining this fun group, it meets in the Arts building on Tuesdays and Fridays. You may also contact Cindy Parker at [email protected]. You need not be an artist—just be willing to use your imagination.