Dance Club Enjoys a Winter Wonderland

Door prize winners (photo by Laurie Wiginton)

Laurie Wiginton

The weather outside was rather mild for mid-January, but as you entered the Robson Ranch clubhouse, you were transported to a beautiful Winter Wonderland. While you were mesmerized by the beautiful centerpieces and the white covered chairs, thanks to Anne Jones, the executive board, and a few helpers, you begin to hear the sounds of The Special Edition Band, you turn and notice dancers filling the floor, and everyone is starting to have a wonderful time. You find your table and greet your friends and fellow Dance Club members with a smile and hello.

As you grab your beautiful tickets, designed by Bert Zeitlin, you head towards the stage to drop them off, hoping to win one of the fantastic prizes that Club Vice President Diane Bivens was able to get donated. Which one will you try to win, the Nothing Bundt Cakes or maybe the dance lessons from Henry Evans? Then you notice the certificate from the Northlake Café—yum, that sounds good. Zumba classes, now that could be so fun. But wait, a certificate from Argyle Med Spa—everyone loves a little pampering.

As the night went on, many couples and groups of friends took time to pose at the photo booth. Yours truly made her way around the room, capturing the memories of couples dancing cheek to cheek or doing the “Cupid Shuffle.” Once again, the line dancers had a ball during the first band break. Thank you to the ones who took on leading those dances: Bill Wright, Cherlyn Conway, and Jeanette Elliott. During the second band break, Club President Amy Perry thanked the dancers for coming out and supporting the club. A hush fell over the room as the names were drawn for the door prizes. The following people were the envy of the room, as they were taking home the coveted prizes: Gayle Brothers, Debbie Sagui, Len Zak, Michele Day, Evelyn Harris, and Myra Court. The final set the band played kept the energy going until the end.

Be sure to mark your calendar for “Let’s Do It Again Prom” on May 19. Ticket sales begin May 8. As always, keep an eye on the website, We also have a new Facebook page, Robson Ranch Dance Club – Texas.