Democratic Club hosts candidate forum at monthly meeting

Denton City Council District 3 candidates voice their vision for the city.

Vicki Baker

The RR Democratic Club takes a keen interest in knowing what is happening in our local government. But it goes deeper than that. We are made up of citizens who live and work in Denton. This is home, and our members want to know who their elected officials are and where they stand on issues that affect us all.

Believing people have a right to know what the candidates say about issues that impact our community, the Democratic Club recently sponsored a Denton City Council District 3 candidate forum. All three candidates, Jesse Davis, Diana Leggett and Matt Farmer, attended the event.

Although the club does take positions on broad policy issues, we did not endorse any individual candidate. Opening statements allowed the candidates to introduce themselves. Then an unbiased moderator posed questions to the candidates through written questions submitted by the membership at the start of the forum. Each candidate was afforded an equal and fair opportunity to express his or her position on the issues. At the end, the candidates provided closing statements.

Topics of discussion encompassed a wide range of issues. The scope of questions ranged from the candidates’ past and current community involvement to the top three priorities if elected, business community and/or economic development, the city’s current position on the Square’s Confederate statutes, voter suppression and accessibility of voting places, property and sales tax relief, financing of nearby housing/commercial developments and minimum or sustainable wages for workers of Denton businesses, among many others.

At the conclusion, no “winner” was declared. The forum was meant to inform the residents of Robson Ranch and create an opportunity for community building. The candidates expressed their views openly so residents could understand their positions and make informed voting choices. The Democratic Club was privileged and proud to play a role in this democratic process.

The Democratic Club hosts a variety of speakers and community leaders at its monthly meetings to better inform and educate us as voters on issues affecting our community, state and country. Come join us on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the clubhouse. For more information, contact [email protected]