Denton Public Library Visit

Robson residents in line to get their new Denton library cards or renew their existing cards.

Gil Clifton

Wow, what a visit the Robson Library had on June 11 from the Denton Public Library. We here at Robson have had a very close relationship with the Denton Library for many years. Unfortunately, we have not had a visit from them for over 18 months due to the COVID pandemic. With the easing of socializing restrictions, the Robson Library scheduled a visit from the Denton Library on June 11, as mentioned above. The main purpose of this meeting was to give Robson residents the opportunity to renew their Denton library cards or to obtain new cards if they had not had one previously. Frankly, the library staff did not know what to expect in terms of attendance but we were surprised by the number of residents who visited us. From the time the Denton staff got set up around 3:15 p.m. until they left at 5 p.m., they were very busy with resident’s library cards and just visiting with Robson residents. We counted 55 to 60 residents who attended the visit. The Denton employee must have been exhausted by the time she finished giving residents the service they needed. A special thanks goes to Haley Phillips, Kat Estill, Dee Brown, and Bill Smith (who were the Denton Library employees in attendance) for their time and interest. They were really great! Also, Haley has offered to make a presentation in the near future regarding use of the card and all of the sources of entertainment that it provides. Please check our HOA announcements for the date, time, and specific location of that presentation. Finally, all of us associated with the Robson Library want to give the best services possible to our residents and we look forward to seeing each of you whenever you come in.