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Marie Mouradian of Windo w Designs, Etc.

Marie Mouradian of Windo w Designs, Etc.

Carol Collins, Carol’s Custom Draperies

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Do I really need window treatments?” I find myself looking as I drive through a neighborhood to get ideas of what others have done with their windows. When I spot a home that has done nothing I try to put myself in their place and ask why should I do anything with that window? There are many reasons to “dress” your windows. Here are just a few.

Many community HOAs require that every window be covered (and no, I don’t mean with paper or tinfoil). And getting creative with temporary paper shades doesn’t count either.

In the state of Texas the extreme temperatures in the summer dictate putting coverings on the windows. The direction the sun comes into your windows and the time of day the rays make their entry are issues that need to be addressed when deciding how much coverage you need.

Privacy is always a consideration when deciding what type of treatment to use. Rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms definitely need to be covered. Another consideration in the bedroom is whether to use blackout treatments for late morning sleepers.

I like to think of draperies as the “finishing touch” to every window. They not only add softness to the window but are the elegant look that rooms like family/great rooms, living/dining rooms and even bedrooms need.

There are so many choices in the market arena today from the simplest wooden blinds to soft shades, shutters and custom draperies. The field is wide open to suit your style, your taste and your individual needs.

Choosing window treatments can be a daunting task. We at Carol’s are experts in developing window coverings with your style and needs in mind. We bring together color and design to create the perfect treatment for any style décor. Give Carol’s a call at 940-565-8337. We are here to put the crowning touch on your style.

And as always – Happy Decorating!