Designing With Carol

The summertime magic

Abby McIntyre

We are well into the heat of summer friends! By now, you have probably already had your relaxing summer vacation and are reminiscing on the happy memories you made with loved ones. Lucky for us though, summer is not over yet, so the good times can continue to roll! Perhaps the thought of a late summer camping trip with the family is enticing you or maybe you are feeling inspired to have your grandkids over for the first annual sleepaway camp at grandma and grandpa’s! Whatever the case may be, we are sure that eventually those little ones will need their own space to let their imaginations run wild during play time, and your spare room is just the place! Of course, you can’t just have a room overrun by princess dresses and dinosaurs. No, friend. This playroom will be designed with your own personal style in mind. So, sit back and relax, because this month we’re giving you the key on how your spare room can double as the playroom of your grandbabies’ dreams! With these few helpful hints, you are sure to have a luxurious guest room and functional playroom that meets all your design desires.

If you want to use the space as a guest room and a playroom there are two crucial elements. The first is a comfortable bed for the grandbabies (or other guests) to sleep in when they come to visit, and the second is a wide-open space for the kids to spread out their toys and use their imagination. Putting a day bed against one wall of the room can help you achieve both of these goals. From there, it is a matter of incorporating your own personal style into the room through the bedding and décor you choose!

The fabrics chosen for bedding and upholstery are critical to bringing your own taste into the room. Keep in mind that if this truly is a room for the grandkids, children love all things soft and fluffy. The more soft, cozy fabrics you choose, the more welcome and comforted they will feel in this space. This also gives you the opportunity to introduce multiple textures into the room. Think about changing up the fabrics used on the day bed. Perhaps you choose a cotton quilt for the bed and bring in patterned decorative pillows made of crushed velvet accented with a small fur pillow. Whatever style you choose to incorporate, the softer the better for little ones! Area rugs are a great way to jazz up any space and incorporate one’s own personal style. Try finding a fluffy area rug to go in the middle of the room as a play space for the little ones.

Lastly, investing in decorative storage space can make toy storage a breeze for you. Instead of having tubs of toys shoved in the closet or open shelves with them on display, try using decorative baskets to store everything. Maybe you have an armchair with an ottoman in the corner of the room. If the ottoman doubles as a storage container, it is the perfect way to hide those toys and maintain the room’s tidy appearance.

Here at Carol’s we would love to help you create this magical space for you and your family. We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from for upholstery, bedding, and all your drapery needs. Come see us at 535 S. Locust St., Monday-Friday from 10:00-4:30 or call us at 940-565-8337 to set up your design appointment! Happy Designing!