Red, white, blue and the family pride

Adele Stewart

The Genealogy Club window in the CATC is colorful with a display of patriotic material collected by club members and celebrating the participation of their ancestors in past wars, dating back to the War for Independence. With each display, our hope is to both highlight the research done by club members and to encourage other Robson residents to delve into their family histories. The club also hopes that those who enjoy the displays will visit during a club event. Perhaps a particular Tuesday evening program, presented either by a speaker or by a professionally-produced video, at 7:00 p.m., in Room 104 of the CATC, might be of interest. Or, you may want to drop in on the second Wednesday of the month for the monthly HELP session, a time dedicated to helping individually any who come with questions about beginning a search through the family tree or finding details about a certain family member. Or, perhaps you are wondering about investing in a DNA analysis and need to know details.

Then plan to join us for one of our upcoming programs:


August 20: Julie Turley – Family Keepsakes on Display

September 3: Sandra Crowley – City Directories

September 13: HELP SESSION

September 17: Webinar – “Using Timelines for Correlation and Analysis”

October 1: Vicki and Greg Boyd – Maps


October 15: Webinar – “Southern States Migration Paths”

November 5: Bernard Meisner – Collateral Lines Research

November 13: HELP SESSION

Visitors are always welcome! For further information about any of our programs, contact President Gary Thornton at 262-3511 or [email protected]