Designing With Carol

Carol Collins, Carol’s Custom Draperies

It’s time to think about decorating for the holidays. As we ponder where to start, let’s start “simple” and “made with love.”

As time goes by I think more and more about American made. To break it down even closer to home, why not make your decorations yourself and even incorporate time with your children and grandchildren to make it even more personal.

Let’s start with a wreath for the front door. Search out a vine of some sort that can be pruned into a shape and size appropriate for your door. Collect beautifully scented greens, leaves and berries to serve as the basis of your wreath. Pine cones, left natural or spray painted in the color of your choice, ribbons and ornaments add the finishing touch.

Now it’s time to set the table for Thanksgiving. Start with a large basket filled with leaves and berries. Add colorful fruits and vegetables with candles to give your table an inviting centerpiece. A table runner underneath the filled basket can bring softness and warmth.

Placemats and napkins can be made from pieces of leftover fabrics saved from previous projects. Mix and match the colors and prints to make each place setting unique.

Pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors strategically placed inside and outside of your home help us to remember our founding fathers and the love and fellowship they shared with family and friends.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and may God bless your home.

Next month we will explore some very special and unique decorating ideas for the Christmas season.

And as always, Happy Decorating!