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Design Professionals

Whether you are attempting to design your new home, refresh the interior of your existing home or redesign your landscape, know that you don’t have to tackle these projects all on your own. It takes a broad set of skills to even start planning any one of these projects. And, let’s face it, not all of us possess what it takes to accomplish what is necessary to bring our project to fruition.

The first step is to interview a skilled design professional. Find one who is willing to listen to your vision in order to bring it to life. You will need someone who can apply their knowledge of universal design principles of balance, scale, color and texture and use them to create your own style.

A second necessary aspect in choosing a design professional is finding one who is willing to work within your budget. It is so easy to say ‘but I don’t have any idea what it will cost to have what I want done.” Do your homework. You know how much money you have to spend. With the Internet research estimates for each piece of your project. Put the pieces together and come up with a budget range. Don’t be afraid to give your design professional those range figures. Knowing your expectations will give them the opportunity to offer you beautiful choices within your budget.

Once you are comfortable with the attitude of the professional in helping you create the project of your dreams, enter into a partnership and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Spring is just around the corner so now is a great time to begin thinking about taking on these projects. Just thinking about spring brings colorful thoughts to mind. Create a vision and start interviewing and finding the perfect designer.

And as always, Happy Decorating!