Designing With Carol: Gentle Joy

Abby McIntyre

Congratulations friend! I am extremely proud of you for weathering the historic Texas blizzard this past February. While those frigid temperatures were enough to drive away the thoughts of a warm balmy spring for many, I know you have what it takes to jump into the new season with joy. That is precisely what spring 2021’s biggest trends are all about: joy! This month we are going to dive into the wonderful world of embroidered textiles and warm neutrals, to explore how one of the biggest trends of spring is growing in popularity. So, grab your glass of iced tea and let’s take a seat on the patio, to take a peek at the innovative way the world of interior design is reimagining spring style to bring a gentle joy into the home.

Taking an evening walk through the neighborhood or committing to a rigorous hiking regimen can improve our moods tenfold and make us more joyful. The idea of bringing nature indoors has taken a new turn as we head into spring 2021. With the crazy year we have all shared, the goal for 2021 is to simplify and enjoy. As one of the decade’s most popular megatrends, this season has drawn inspiration from the idea rather than interpreting it literally. In the past, we have opted to bring bright green plants and fresh flowers into our homes each spring. It is widely accepted that nature has a direct impact on our moods. While this is still a wonderful way to liven up your space, this season has you bringing your foliage into the home via your fabric choices. Adorning your space with beautiful linens embroidered with colorful leaf and floral motifs is a modern twist on the idea of bringing nature into your home. Try these embroidered fabrics for your family room draperies or turn to a crewelwork textile for your guest bedroom’s pillow shams or duvet cover. They are sure to liven up your space while adding their unique touch of joyful whimsy.

If you are not one to opt for bright embroideries, but instead prefer cleaner lines and a more subdued touch of nature, fear not friend; I have a solution for you too. Sometimes it is the warm, earthy neutrals of spring that bring joy to us. The colorful flowers are pretty to look at, but at the end of the day simply resting in our home and being at peace brings us the most joy. Luckily for us, this season also sees warm neutrals trending in the home. It is the rusty clay reds, stony grays, rich greens, and warm browns that put us at ease to bring comfort this spring. Grounding yourself with these earthy tones will help you create a welcoming atmosphere for friends and family this spring.

Whether it is finding a vivacious fabric to introduce color and nature into your space or drawing inspiration from the calming forces of nature to spark gentle joy this spring, here at Carol’s we would love to help. Give Carol’s a call at 940-565-8337 to schedule your appointment today. We’d love to see you at our showroom.

Happy designing!