Discover the secrets of Big D

Vicki Baker

She’s an actress, author, humorist and historian. She’s written four books about Dallas history and Texas foods. She was a prominent speech and drama teacher at Dallas Baptist University. She’s got more firepower, brain power and passion power than just about any tour guide you’ve ever seen. She’s Rose Mary Rumbley!

Join Road Runners on June 14 as we “Discover Dallas with Rose Mary Rumbley” on a day touring Big D. No one can tell stories and keep you laughing like Rose Mary. Her tour is filled with a cornucopia of fun facts as you explore places around town that locals pass by every day, never realizing the amazing things they are missing! There’ll be anecdotes about local politicians, legends and landmarks. And landmarks aren’t limited to buildings with historic markers like Old Red Courthouse but include places like the popular nightclub Lou Ann’s, once located at the corner of Greenville Avenue and Lovers Lane and the famous downtown striptease establishment, The Colony Club. The stories are about life—life in Dallas.

Whether you are a lifelong resident of the Metroplex or a newcomer to the area, you will be amazed at the sites and stories about Dallas that you never knew before. Rose Mary’s breadth of knowledge about all things Dallas is spectacular, and her well-placed “zingers” will keep you laughing out loud.

Don’t miss out on this local adventure led by famed storyteller Rose Mary Rumbley—an adventure filled with stories you never tire of hearing over and over. Call today to reserve your spot: Premier Tours Global (formerly Gotta Go Tours) at 972-2355-1189.

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