Dream… Dream… Dream at karaoke dance night

The Mamas and the Props musical debut

Vicki Baker

Hey—was that the Mamas and the Papas 1960s folk rock band? No, it was the Mamas and the Props making their musical debut at the March 20 Karaoke Dance Night. Dressed in their finest bedtime fashions, the Mamas (Kathie Marsh, Vicki Baker, Susan Hebert, Debra Davis, Connie Bjella and Millie Aramanda) wore stunning bathrobes, fluffy slippers and luxurious sleep masks while singing the Everly Brothers’ song, All I Have To Do Is Dream. They were accompanied by their background Props (Rick Marsh, Scott Baker, Don Hebert, Greg Bjella and Mike Aramanda) equally dressed to the nines in their finery of grunge T-shirts with pillows in hand nursing their favorite adult libation. Perhaps, a bit too much libation as they snored their way through the entirety of the song. As the Mamas sang the words to this love song, they dreamt of their long-ago loves only to later discover their once young hunks were now snoring humps—but loveable all the same.