Drone Club November General Meeting

Drone Club meeting attendees (left to right): Steve Simpson (club officer), Dennis Brooks (club officer), Jared Janacek (Texas Drone Company owner/operator) Photo by Steve Simpson

The Drone Club meets the fourth Monday of each month from 7 to 8 p.m., in Room 104 at the Creative Arts Technology Center. We have no dues, and attendance is open for any Robson resident who is interested in anything that is drone related, regardless of what they own or understand, but have a desire to learn more about. As an enhancement to our Tech Club members, we are now offering a presenter video recording that can be accessed through membership in Groups.io (formerly known as Yahoo Groups) at rrtxtech.groups.io/g/main and our new website robsontech.club/tag/tech_club.

Our Nov. 28 meeting was hosted by Steve Simpson with guest Texas Drone Company owner/operator Jared Janacek (txdroneco.com/drones-in-construction). This meeting was to inform attendees of mapping and survey of commercial properties, along with various drones to accomplish this business.

We had an attentive group of Robson attendees who had many questions about how to fly for a commercial business. Jared provided an excellent overview of his business, including how he got started as a Part 107 pilot, image review of mapping and survey to save commercial properties money, and review of his three drones, including the DJI M300 RTK (dji.com/matrice-300?site=brandsite&from=nav), FPV Arvata (dji.com/avata?site=brandsite&from=nav), Mavic 3 Enterprise (dji.com/mavic-3-enterprise?site=brandsite&from=nav).

We had no meeting in December, with our next general session on Jan. 23. We hope to see everyone then.