Dwight Fiveash – candidate Robson Ranch Board of Directors

I believe in investing time in the community where I live. As a homeowner living here at Robson Ranch, I would like to give back by being an active member in the workings of this community. This I feel I can do through becoming a member of the Robson Ranch Board of Directors.

At Robson I have served on the Robson Ranch Rules Committee for the past two plus years. Prior to moving here I was executive director for the Economic Development Corporation in Pampa, TX. I was director of operations and chairman of the ALC committee on a Del Webb Corporation project similar to Robson Ranch.

I have an extensive professional background in the oil field, chemical industry and various areas of the construction industry. On many occasions I have successfully dealt with city governments and their personnel.

It is my desire to serve on the Robson Ranch Board of Directors in the hope of providing a better community for all residents, promote more efficiency of operations, insure a continued quality of life style, and most importantly control costs.

The issues that must be strengthened here at Robson include increasing resident understanding and knowledge of the Rules and Regulations earlier in their move to Robson, more timely detailed communications from the HOA to all residents and better utilization of all facilities.

I desire to be instrumental in the timely improvement of current facilities that are now crowded and in need of expansion or duplication. The increasing population at Robson Ranch is encouraging but must be provided with facilities that do not restrict expected quality of life experiences.