Eclectic two-day tournament

Gift Exchange

Gift Exchange

Tournament participants

Tournament participants

The Eclectic Tournament was blessed with wonderful weather and great camaraderie. We had 56 players who worked hard at improving their scores on back-to-back outings.

The most improved player from Tuesday to Wednesday was Paula Bone with a 20-stroke improvement. She had plenty of competition with others who made an 18 or 19 stroke improvement. Paula received a lovely crystal bowl for holding tees or nuts, depending on your point of view.

The gift exchange was well received and so was the shirt-exchange on the first day of play. Each player brought an “unlucky shirt” and everybody playing in the tournament got to select something from what was brought. The shirts that did not find a local home were gathered up and will be sent to First Tee so that someone can enjoy them.

Many thanks go to the tournament chair LaDonna Womochel for this successful event. Also, thanks to the volunteers Lee Murphy, Pat Knight and Judy Markley who organized the “unlucky” shirt swap and the gift exchange so effectively. The Play Day Committee (Jeanie Martinez, Joy

Pashby, Paula Myers and Linda Scott) was supposed to have the day off, but they pitched in, as always, and did yeoman’s work. We would also like to express appreciation to Golf Operations Roger and Ryan for delivering on the pin placement and for the thoughtfulness to use the WGA flags for this event. Also, thanks to Jeremy and his staff for providing us with a wonderful baked potato/salad bar lunch after play on Wednesday.

Most importantly, thanks to everyone who played. The Flight winners are:

Flight 1: 1st, Ann Brehm; 2nd, Gale Hicks; Tie 3rd and 4th, Ok Cha Cummings and Deb Nortunen.

Flight 2: 1st, Cindy Sterling; 2nd, Cyndi Stampf; 3rd, Barb Bettiga.

Flight 3: 1st, Pam Kanawyer; 2nd, Joyce Marshall; Tie for 3rd and 4th, Sandra Ziegler and Lea Ann Kirby.

Flight 4:

Tie 1st and 2nd, Annette Graham and Judy Cromer;

Tie 3rd and 4th, Sallye Ortiz and Judy Markley.

Flight 5: 1st, Janet Rogers; 2nd, Maureen Fitzgerald; 3rd, Angie Gay.