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Join us for another exciting semester with new classes and topics for everyone!

Spring classes run February-May, starting February 4 and are taught by distinguished university faculty and local area professionals. For a flat fee of $75 you may take as many classes as your heart desires.

Here are just a few classes we are looking forward to in February!

The American Musical: Theater, Film and Television

Join Dr. Max Morley, a graduate of the University of North Texas, for an audio-visual-lecture of the American Musical from 1866 to the present. The class will feature discussions of more than 90 musicals, their composers, lyricists, actors, actresses and especially the music. Expect to hear interesting information and the best songs from the past 100 years from the American Musical.

Religion and Politics in the Bible

Rev. David S. Shields will discuss the tensions between religious and political structures and leaders. Exploring such dynamics in both the Old and New Testaments, he will identify some of the basic forces at work in these tensions and draw inferences and implications for our contemporary situation, using modern Biblical scholarship, to aid in comprehension.

Criminal Minds: The Story Behind the Story

Join Professor Don E. Jacobs of Tarleton State University in his course based on criminal minds from a neuroscience perspective particularly neuropsychology, which studies the structure and function of the brain as it relates to specific psychological processes and behaviors. Jacobs has written over 30 textbooks and two national publications: Analyzing Criminal Minds (2011) and Sexual Forensics (2014) with co-author Ashleigh Portales.

How Does the Economy Work, Anyway?

Dr. David Higgins, author of Essentials of Treasury Management, 2nd Ed., will discuss the factors that affect macroeconomic activity and the goals and difficulties of particular policy actions. A simple model is built using graphs and charts that will explain the mechanisms through which fiscal and monetary actions are supposed to exert influence on employment, interest rates, inflation and gross domestic product. Data is provided that will show the impact of the 2007-2008 real estate “bust” on macroeconomic variables. The extraordinary increase in national debt is charted, and the possible longer-term implications of the debt are addressed. No prior knowledge of economics is necessary.

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