Emeritus College: Where Learning Is For Life – February 2015

Join us for another exciting semester with new classes and topics for everyone!

Spring classes run February-May and are taught by distinguished university faculty and local area professionals. For a flat fee of $75 you may take as many classes as your heart desires.

Here are just a few classes we are looking forward to in March!

Orchestral Incidental Music at the Movies

This class will show how 19th century classical orchestral style was alive and well in movies of the 20th century. Dr. Max Morley returns to give a lecture and audio visual presentation of orchestral incidental music in the movies from 1927 to the present. The class will feature brief discussions of 30 composers and 90 orchestral excerpts from 72 films. Dr. Morley retired from the School of Music at Stephen F. Austin State University in 2009. He holds the degrees, BM, MM and DMA from the University of North Texas.

Why do Wars Occur and What Can Be Done to Stop Them?

Join Dr. James Meernik, director of the Castleberry Peace Institute at UNT, as he explains what reasons make wars more likely and what things can be done to reduce the occurrence of war. The course will highlight what we know from work done at the Castleberry Peace Institutes. Dr. Meernik has been publishing on international relations for over 20 years and has books and over 60 articles that he has authored or co-authored.

For further information on becoming a member and enrolling in classes:

Website: call.unt.edu/emerituscollege

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Also in March, join us for a special Travel Learn tour of Austria.

March 15-21 we will be cross-country skiing, hiking and relaxing in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Austrian Tirol. Visit the storybook city of Salzburg, attend a concert at the world-famous Mozarteum, and take a toboggan ride as night falls over the snowfields. Hotel, transfers, all meals, plus beer and wine are all included at a discounted rate of $3,750 per person.

For more information or to explore other tours visit the Travel Learn website: call.unt.edu/TravelLearn.