Exit 79 free concerts for Support Our Troops

Charles Runner,  President Support Our Troops

The popular Exit 79 Band, a group formed at Robson Ranch, is taking music to the streets of Robson Ranch with four free concerts for friends, neighbors and a very worthy cause. The “Tour” will bring 60s-70s rock ‘n roll music to the neighborhoods of our community! Besides wonderful evenings of music, dancing and socializing with friends and neighbors, these events will benefit a tremendous cause with all funds raised from merchandise sales donated to the Robson Ranch Support Our Troops.

SOT currently supports 74 service men and women related to Robson Ranch residents with comfort shipments and patriotic cards hand made by the RR Sassy Stampers when they are deployed. U.S. based personnel receive periodic correspondence and birthday cards. All on the SOT support roster receive a Christmas gift card. SOT also provides support to the Bagram Air Base MWR Center in Afghanistan and donations to U.S. based groups that provide services to injured and disabled Veterans. SOT is an all-volunteer group that works tirelessly supporting our men and women in uniform!

The concerts are scheduled from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 23, at Gallery Park; Friday, July 3, at the Veterans Park; Saturday, September 5, on the green space between Callaway Ct and Ridgedale Ct; and Saturday, October 24, on Landmark Lane. Bring lawn chairs or blankets for the lawn, a cooler with refreshments, or order BBQ and a drink from the Wildhorse Grill stand that will be at each event!

Exit 79 was founded by Jim Lafferty and Jeff Sales. They both had similar musical interests and thought forming a “garage band” would be a fun project. Since then crowds of 250-300 people have enjoyed their concerts at the Wildhorse Grill, the clubhouse and at street parties. The band features Jeff on vocals and rhythm guitar, Jim on keyboard/rock organ, Carole Sullivan on vocals and bass guitar, Sid Sham on vocals and lead guitar and Sam Cessna on drums. Jim credits the band’s popularity to Jeff’s soulful vocals, Carole’s bluesy rock style and the sweet rhythm and blues vibe brought by Sid that create harmonies that allows them to play a huge range of great music from the bands we all love. The Exit 79 schedule can also be accessed at Facebook.com/Exit79.

You can support this fundraising effort by purchasing a Tour Tee Shirt or any of the other great mementos available for these events. Exit 79 and SOT items will be available for purchase and orders may be placed at a SOT table in the clubhouse from 9:00–11:00 a.m. on Mon/Wed/Fri during the two weeks preceding each Robson Ranch concert. For Exit 79 items you also email your order request to [email protected]. Remember, it’s not just a party, it’s an Exit 79 party! And it’s for the troops.