Fall Golf Tour

Janie Farnsworth

What a great day for a leisurely drive around the golf course.

330 homeowners came in groups and some brought their families.

They started in the grill parking lot where, if they needed a cart, they were supplied with one. In some cases, it was the first time residents had ever driven a golf cart. They were directed where to go by Jane Thompson, Lee Murphy, Pam Kanawyer, and Janie Farnsworth. They started on the North one hole and were directed at each intersection by a volunteer moving them safely across.

At the end of the first nine, they were met by William Vess, who thanked them for coming and directed them to the West course where they covered another nine holes.

At the beginning, they were given a sheet listing the highlights of the course written by CJ Palecek. Homeowners were able to see the newest developments on these two courses, as well as some beautiful backyards. Since we have not had a tour since last fall, it was amazing for those to see how the North course had progressed, as well as the number of homes that have cropped up.

The Golf and Greens Committee wishes to thank all our volunteers that helped keep our guests safe by stopping traffic at each intersection. They are Dee Dee Karabetsos, Tom Prohaska, Moe Fitzgerald, Dan and Jamey Siefert, Jan Norton, Tom Kanawyer, Paula Saunders, and Donna Phillips.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back in the spring for another tour. We thank Craig Pullen for helping out that day by keeping carts moving.