Fall League Softball Is Almost Here!

Fourth of July RRSA float: Back (left to right): Mick Calverley (RRSA president) and Jacquie Maurer; front
(left to right): Kelly Wissink and Steve Courtney

Rosemary Myers-Neagli

On Aug. 29, at 6 p.m., the Field of Dreams lights up with the season Co-Ed opener featuring 407BBQ battling Wise Health. All eight Co-Ed and three Senior league teams return to weekly play culminating in the Fall Championships to be held Oct. 29.

Lots of things go into a successful softball season. You need bits of talent and luck, and everybody needs to stay healthy. These things involve team players, but there are things “we” can do to improve our season, such as:

1. Always warm up before you practice or play. Gradual stretches wake up muscles, then start with easy throws before moving onto those harder throws. Prevent any “pulled muscles.”

2. Pick the correct glove for your position and size. Assuming a bigger glove makes it easier to catch with isn’t the case at all. The goal should be a glove that fits well, is not too heavy, and you can easily transfer the ball from your glove to your throwing hand.

3. Softball gloves need to be pliable and “broken in.” Practice with the glove as much as possible and ask players to share shortcuts like softening the glove’s leather using lanolin found in many shaving creams.

4. Think about good softball cleats, which make a difference in ankle support and comfort, which can affect your play. I paid $29.99 for mine, and I love them!

5. Learning your primary field position is important, but learn something you didn’t know last season. Learn to play another position. Being versatile is a great asset for yourself and your team.

6. Stretching after practices and games can help with recovery and injury prevention. Evidence suggests a stretch should be held at least 30 seconds. It’s hard to develop a habit, but in the long run, it is so worth it.

7. And, finally, the number-one tip for RR Softball: Resolve to have fun. It’s important to remember that softball is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. Some people enjoy pushing themselves to their limits, others find fun in improving over the season, and others love the post-game socials and being part of a “team.”

If this is your first softball season, buckle up for an amazing ride. If you want to join RR Softball, register on the membership-waiver link found at quickscores.com/robsonranch where board member and treasurer Myron McKinney is in charge.

Let the RR Softball games begin!