FAQs about Robson Ranch Library

Elaine Kushmaul, Retired Librarian at Robson Ranch

Greetings to all residents still hanging around the Ranch in the summer heat! It’s a good time for reading a book, either by the pool or in an air-conditioned location. Here’s the scoop on the Robson Ranch Library and what makes it so special.

The Robson Ranch Library is maintained by an all-volunteer staff of 45 residents who donate their time. The library collection is an all-donation based supply of books and other items such as DVDs and puzzles. Donations of hard back books are limited to books with a publication date of no more than three years ago. Other items are evaluated for popular interest and condition. Visit the library for a list of places accepting older books. Most of these sites will provide donor receipts for your tax records.

But what to do when you come to the library to find something to read? Start with browsing our collection of hard backs, audio books, movies, music and puzzles. We have recently created a paper copy of a list of most recently added books. To locate a title, check the shelf for the last name of the author. If you’re searching for a particular title, ask the volunteer at the front desk to check the computer catalog. The volunteer will advise you if the title is in our collection and whether it is checked out or available.

So back to the paperbacks! Our paperbacks are not cataloged so you do not need to check them out. Select the paperbacks you want and return when you are done. On the other hand, all other items—hard back books, DVDs, music, movies, and puzzles should be checked out. Each item checks out for a three-week period. If no staff is available, use the clipboard at the desk. List your name and the number on the inside first page of the book. The computer will be updated by the next volunteer who works the library.

Happy reading!