Featherheads donate to SOT

Left to right: Mike Hoernemann, Doyle Hicks, Roger Wells and Jim Downer

Left to right: Mike Hoernemann, Doyle Hicks, Roger Wells and Jim Downer

Sam Goodrich

The Featherheads made a surprise visit to the monthly Support Our Troops meeting in July. Featherheads spokesman Doyle Hicks, accompanied by fellow Featherheads Roger Wells and Jim Downer, presented new SOT president Mike Hoernemann with a cash donation of $1,221. The Featherheads are a generous, informal group of Robson Ranch golfers who play golf several times a week and ask the individual golfers in their group to donate to SOT based on the number of birdies and eagles the group makes each week. The July donation raised the Featherhead donation total to SOT in 2016 to more than $4,000!

As with all donations made to SOT, 100 percent of every donated dollar helps provide for the material, physical and emotional support of our men and women who sacrifice and serve in all branches of the U.S. military. A significant portion of SOT’s support (60%) is focused on approximately 80 relatives of Robson Ranch residents currently serving in the military. SOT prides itself in being the largest pure support organization at Robson Ranch in which neighbors support neighbors and their relatives serving in the military.

Any generous Robson Ranch resident who would like to provide additional support for the military relatives of their Robson Ranch neighbors may do so by contacting SOT president Mike Hoernemann. More information about Support Our Troops and where donations go can be found at the SOT website: http://www.supportourtroopstexas.com.