Fellowship at the Ranch is Hosting a Series of Speakers

Wow! Who would have thought they knew who the boy from Albany NY was that married the girl from Peru? It just reminds us that while we think we know our pastors and ministers in the presence of church, when you look beyond church these men are individuals in many ways, like ourselves, yet some lived more exciting lives than others. On Feb. 13, a Thursday night at the Wildhorse Grill, we learned more about our own minister Ed Jones. As a young man Ed started his Air Force career. It was during this time he met his wife Edie. They lived in many places including Germany, next to the Berlin Wall.

Twenty-nine members listened to the exciting adventures and enjoyed dinner together. It was more than we expected. His life in the military was not dull. His life beyond the military led him to a staff position at Denton Bible before he began preaching at Fellowship at the Ranch. As Paul Harvey would say, “What about the rest of the story?”. Come attend one of our services and find out!

The event was put together by our Fellowship Committee which promotes numerous activities throughout the year. Some of these coming up include an Easter Egg Hunt, Memorial Day Picnic, July 4th Parade Float, potluck dinners, and more. Please come join us and be a part of our church. Help us expand what Fellowship at the Ranch means!