Finance Committee has membership opportunities available

Jeff Miller, Chairman, Robson Ranch Finance Committee

The Robson Ranch HOA Finance Committee has membership opportunities for interested homeowners in good standing. The committee serves in an advisory capacity and reports to the Robson Ranch Denton Homeowners Association Board. Members have no operational or management authority but play an important role in service to our community.

Typical skillset for membership would be education and/or experience in finance, accounting or business management. As a member you will play a role in monitoring monthly financial data, provide information and recommendations to the Board and the General Manager regarding financial matters, review the current operating budget and propose future operating budgets as recommendations to the Board for approval. In short, the committee counsels and advises the HOA in virtually every aspect of our financial matters.

The Finance Committee meets the last Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the Bandera Room. All meetings except interviewing for new members are open to homeowners. Come and watch a meeting to see what issues they’re working with this month. If you’re interested in helping out or in membership on the committee, contact Jeff Miller, committee chair, at [email protected] or just fill out a committee volunteer form located at the HOA office in the clubhouse.