Flag Day Parade

Sara Lucido and Bonnie Mau

It was great to get out and see friends, neighbors, and visitors outside at safe distances on an absolutely beautiful sunny, cloudless, but breezy day. The smiles, camaraderie, and laughter echoed along with bells and horns throughout the unknown but fun route led by Eric and Nancy Taschner. In less than a week, we old timers were able to get together more than 60 decorated golf carts and several cars forming a parade that weaved throughout Robson Ranch on old, new, and just paved roads. We began and finished our tour in the available parking lots with excitement, laughter, and seeing familiar faces and old friends. This proved to be a real morale booster after not getting together for months with the COVID-19 virus.

A big thank you goes out to everyone that helped to make this fun day come together, including photographers for capturing the memories and the spectators that cheered us on. We couldn’t have done it without all your help from the various groups spreading the word.

You never know what two bored women, Sara Lucido and Bonnie Mau, can come up with and get together in four days. We never thought it would grow to the size it did so quickly or that it would be so much fun for all, but we are glad it did. It was great to see our friends and neighbors again out of their homes having fun.

Who knew Flag Day with an impromptu parade could bring such a good time for so many?