For the joy of it


Sheilah Ross, Publicity Chair

We sing because music heals the soul and just for the joy of it!

Do you know that the Robson Ranch Community Choir was started in 2002 by former Robson resident Gordon Summers? Gordon loved music and decided to get a group together—just for the joy of singing. Then he had the wonderful idea of honoring all veterans on Veterans Day with a patriotic concert. But who would direct and organize this musical event? Lucky for us his neighbors were Joe and Tawana Arnett—both retired professional musicians and directors. Gordon asked Joe and it was agreed that Tawana and Joe would organize and direct the Veterans Day Concert. But “just the one concert”! Twelve years and many concerts later, Joe and Tawana retired as director and co-director of our wonderful choir.

The Robson Ranch Music Club was chartered in 2006. Gordon Summers was the first president of the Music Club. The Community Choir is under the sponsorship of the Music Club. As our Robson Community grew, so did our club and the choir. Tickets were sold to purchase music, equipment, hire additional musicians on occasion, provide costumes for choir members, and other expenses.

Karaoke parties were added as another fundraiser. Soon there were five karaoke parties a year including SCARYOKE for Halloween and of course New Year’s Eve. Sue Solometo, former Music Club president and Social Events Chair planned and made these parties very special. Carol Copeland, current Special Events Chair, has continued to make karaoke and dance parties a great success. Coming up on March 16 is the St. Patrick’s Day Party. Don’t miss it!

The choir has continued to grow and we now have almost 90 members and are directed by professional conductor, Dr. Arturo Ortega. We are still singing for the joy of it. We present three concerts a year: the spring concert, Veterans Day and Christmas at the Ranch. Coming up on April 20 and 21 is a wonderful concert, Broadway Forever, featuring fabulous songs from Broadway musicals. We invite you to attend! If you have attended our concerts, we thank you and sincerely hope you will continue to enjoy our presentations. If you are new to Robson Ranch or have not attended any of our concerts, please join us for this one. You will be impressed by our professional sound and blended voices. We really are good!

Tickets are just $10 each, advanced purchase, and $12 at the door prior to each concert. Tickets will go on sale Monday, April 2 and then every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. in the clubhouse.