Friday Market Vendor: Heavenly Taylored Sweets

Friday Market vendor Heavenly Taylored Sweets

Samantha Taylor Cutler’s journey is another impressive story of following your passion and doing what you love, especially with the support of her loving husband John, mother, and five-year-old, Abigail. Each one plays a specific role in the daily operation: John sets up the canopy display and much more, Abigail places “stickers” on the finished products, and mom is the all-enduring support and helper. Love and cooperation are the key to success!

Mother Lynda, together with Samantha, coined the business name when Samantha was in high school. As a teenager and after her marriage to John, Samantha assisted mom in her baking hobby, but when Lynda was ill and unable to fulfill a baking commitment, her dad called Samantha for her help. It was then that Samantha realized her passion for baking and officially started her business in 2005, attending the Sanger Arts and Craft Fairs, as well as taking custom cake orders. Then in the Summer of 2019, a storefront opportunity—outfitted as a bakery—became available. Although there were obstacles, it was clear to Samantha that God had shown her a new path, and she now celebrates her third year at her store located at 260 S. I-35 E, Suite 100, Denton, Texas. The store is open during usual weekday hours and Saturday mornings.

If you’re looking for a special treat, it’s best to call and order so you’re sure to get it. Samantha specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, cake pops for weddings, birthdays, and holidays, and loves the challenge of baking something new.

Samantha has brought Heavenly Taylored Sweets to the Robson Ranch Market since the Summer of 2020. She loves meeting the residents and making specialty items for them. They especially love the cinnamon rolls. She encourages online pre-orders, so as not to disappoint her favorite residents. For more information, go to, contact via email at [email protected], or call/text 940-597-6693.

Heavenly Taylored Sweets’ goal is to help everyone have a sweet day. “We’re a small, local family business and truly care about each of our customers. We customize our baking to meet your needs. Feel free to discuss your preferences with me, and I will be happy to “Taylor” something just for you. We love being at the Robson Ranch Market and thank you for your business.”