Friday Market Vendor: Lucido’s Produce

Claudia J. Caporale

The passion for homegrown products dates back to Chris’ father John and grandfather Vito when, on John’s fifth birthday, his father gave each of his sons a tiny plot on their strawberry farm to grow whatever they wanted. That started a lifelong love of planting and watching them thrive—a family tradition that spans generations, which began with Chris’ grandfather Vito Lucido, who migrated to the U.S. from Italy, settling in Louisiana where he grew herbs, spices, and produce. John moved to Rockford, Ill., after returning from the Navy and had developed the same passion for growing and selling herbs, spices, and produce, opening Johnny’s Grocery Store where he perfected the family’s sausage recipe. Later, in 1960, he and his brother Joe moved to Dallas, Texas, and opened a one-stop automotive repair shop, enjoying 62 years of success. But John’s passion was relentless. He continued to grow herbs and spices in his backyard on his farm in Copper Canyon, selling at the Dallas Farmers Market.

Chris had graduated from UT, but had also worked at the Farmers Market, helping his father John, and continued the family tradition of growers after his father’s passing. Chris established Lucido’s Produce and Herbs and sold products at the Coppell Farmers Market, bringing fresh herbs, flowers, produce, and a variety of fresh pasta—a new business endeavor he took on with local pasta producer Fresh Pasta Delights, who prepares the pasta and trademark sausage to Lucido’s specifications. Those products are sold mainly to hotel restaurants in the Dallas area.

Chris and wife Donna sell Lucido’s Produce products at our Robson Ranch Friday Market and Denton Community Market on Saturdays. If you haven’t tried their fresh pastas, I personally give them a “thumbs up.” Additionally, you can enjoy their frozen ravioli, sausage, and their special sauces. Stop by and say hello. Chris and Donna would love to chat.

We’re so blessed to have this vendor and so many others where we can safely shop and enjoy the fruits of their labor.