Friday Market Vendor: Nature’s Circle, Luv A Luffa

Deb Terrell, Nature’s Circle

Claudia J. Caporale

Deborah A. Terrell is better known to our fur pets as the woman standing by the small table and white SUV, always there with a special treat! But there’s so much more to know about this vibrant intellect that I’d like to share.

Deb and her husband George have a 14-acre farm/ranch in Aurora, located in Wise County, approximately half an hour from Robson Ranch. They have been farming since 2000 while maintaining their professional careers. Deb has a degree in agricultural business from West Virginia University and has worked in the Ag business all over the country and world.

The couple has an award-winning, innovative farm with over 40 farm products that they market and sell to chefs. The farm operation is very adaptable. They have a herd of beef cattle and dairy goats and produce products in small batches, which include goat cheese dog treats made with their goat milk. Deborah and George have a Commercial Feed License, which is required by the State of Texas in order to sell dog treats. If you’d like to learn more about their farm, they’re happy to give a tour and presentation.

Their farm has been featured in Texas Heritage for Living publication Fall 2020, Pollinator Partnership, Edible DFW, and received an award for Environmental Innovation, November 2020.

They grow a variety of vegetables, microgreens, and fruits, in addition to a large variety of bee plants to support Deb’s pursuit as a beekeeper. Her main bee plant is luffa, and they have partnered with Nature’s Nectar on the beekeeping. The couple also grows moringa, which is a people, pet, pet-stock, and livestock plant.

The Terrells also board dogs on a portion of their farm. Farm Camp 4 Dogs specializes in bird dogs, since their farm was originally set up to train bird dogs, but now they board all breeds of dogs. Deb says, “They have a blast when they stay with us.” She’s also a pet stylist and grooms dogs on a very limited basis. She has currently partnered with an entrepreneur who is marketing a dog shampoo that contains moringa oil.

Deborah is also on the board of Sunbelt Gordon Setter Club and has had Gordon Setters, plus other breeds, since 1993. She’s on the Aurora City Council, and this past year, was elected by city council members into the position of mayor pro-tem and has been selected for Who’s Who in America. Deb is currently working with UTA Architecture Department to develop a master plan for the City of Aurora. Also, on Jan. 19 she will be giving a presentation to the Wise County Horticultural Club on gardening with keyholes. The club meets in Decatur, and Deborah says, “Robson Ranch residents are welcome to attend.”

Now that you know more about Deborah, stop by, with or without your pet, and say hello. Also, pick up some of those goat milk treats. My Ginger loves them!