Friends of the Library: We’ve Done So Much; There’s More to Do!

Deborah Diehl and Linda Bono check out the digital newspapers on the computers at the library.

Dianna Lucas

As members of Friends of the Library (FOL), you can all give each other a hearty pat on the back for a year filled with many accomplishments. Under the leadership of our 2021-22 board, headed by Marsha Scholze, we have done so much.

We started the year with a plan for new shelving and new computers. Both of these goals were completed and are being enjoyed by those who visit our library every day.

We continued the traditional book discussions for which FOL has become known throughout Robson Ranch over the past few years.

We provided digital newspaper subscriptions available on the computers at the library, including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Denton Record-Chronicle. Many of our residents enjoy access to these resources on a daily basis.

We provided countless hours of valuable service from volunteers who work in the library seven days a week. These volunteers assist residents in finding and checking out materials, as well as providing computer assistance when needed.

There was a successful campaign at the end of 2021, supplemented by an additional donation from FOL, that led to the purchase of over 100 books so far this year. Members who made donations were able to honor or memorialize friends or loved ones with bookplates placed in the books that were purchased.

We also make every effort to keep our residents posted on our activities through weekly HOA emails and Pioneer Press articles.

In the coming year, all of these activities will continue.

The book discussions for the coming year are already planned. The digital newspapers remain available. The volunteers are still on hand. More books will be purchased in the near future. The HOA email information keeps coming. And as you can tell by reading this, the Pioneer Press articles continue to be written.

It’s up to us to do even more.

There has already been a decision made to commit a minimum monthly dollar amount to the Library Board (a separate entity from FOL) to use for the library at their discretion. And FOL has made a continuing commitment to spend a minimum dollar amount on new books each quarter going forward.

Your board is working hard to come up with even more ideas to make your library a better place for you to enjoy. And you can help.

Please keep your membership dues up to date. Encourage your friends and neighbors to join FOL. Make that extra tax-deductible donation that goes so far to help our organization meet its goals and set even higher ones for the future.

The FOL Board thanks you, and your fellow library patrons thank you.