Friendship and Fun Learning

Delia Parker-Mims

Diana Leggett

The Robson Ranch Democratic Club is off to a great start. The last couple of years have seen good growth, and we are looking for more fun and learning activities in 2023.

A brief business meeting with committee reports followed social period. One item the board has discussed is getting more feedback from members on what they would like to see the club provide its members. The board has lined up some fascinating speakers, including the two below who gave great information. Some of the upcoming speakers will be John Booth, UNT Poli Sci professor, speaking on the Texas Constitution in February. March meeting will be District 4 and DISD candidates and information on the bond issue. April will be the Texas historian and author of several Texas history books, E.R. Bills. May we will be able to hear from Kelvin Leaphart, potential Congressional Candidate. The board will be announcing more on future events, including all the July 4th festivities and other get-togethers like “Famous Democrats Bingo” game.

Our first meeting brought two of the most popular and dynamic speakers back.

Delia Parker-Mims is an attorney who for 25 years has advocated for battered women, mentally ill juveniles, and seniors. She brought her enthusiasm for politics back to talk a bit about the accomplishments of the Denton County Democratic party in the most recent election cycle. The Denton County Democratic party claimed the number one spot for Democratic voter increase in the state. She stated, “Democracy is at its best when all voices have an opportunity to be heard.” Says Parker-Mims, “Our supporters were instrumental in the gains we experienced. We look forward to another election cycle of improvement and trust that its supporters will be there to make it happen.”

Diana Leggett, a life-long Democrat, has been involved in Denton area politics since 2016. She is president of WildRescue, Inc., founded in 1999, and is the chair of the animal shelter advisory committee. She is a founding member of Denton Together. She has now founded The Deal—a PAC exclusively formed to support candidates running for municipal races. The Deal, formed in late 2022, was formed for the purpose of supporting the City of Denton’s municipal candidates who hold true to the philosophy of working for the people of the city. She talked about how The Deal encourages, supports, advises, trains, and (hopefully) financially supports those candidates.

The talks by Delia Parker-Mims and Diana Leggett were followed by a question-and-answer session.