Garden Club happenings

Past President Janie Cindric passes the gavel to Barbara Anderson, the new president. Photo by Tom Cindric.

Past President Janie Cindric passes the gavel to Barbara Anderson, the new president. Photo by Tom Cindric.

Barbara Anderson

The Robson Ranch Garden Club began its 2015-2016 program year with its meeting on Monday, September 21.

Past President Janie Cindric called the meeting to order and then passed the gavel to Barbara Anderson, the new president.

Barbara introduced the new Board: Mary Ann Rich, vice-president; Kathy Marrou, secretary; Nancy Buenzow, treasurer; Barbara Warren, membership; and Mary Beth Kuxhause and Carole Johnston, ex-officio program advisors.

Interestingly, the Board reflects varied birth states and home states prior to coming to Robson, thus mirroring the make-up of Robson Ranch itself. There is only one native Texan on the Board! With all of the new homes here, there must be a variety of gardening experiences represented, and the purpose of the Garden Club is to help folks cope with the climatic and soil conditions here in order to enjoy successful gardening.

After a brief business meeting, everyone participated in a question and answer time, capably led by Janie Cindric and Doc Clegg. From the record-setting rain in May to the drought of summer, plants are struggling, and many in attendance had questions to ask. The damage from the extreme wet to the drought may be slow in manifesting itself, so homeowners need to be alert to what is going on in their yards. Diseases and pests continue to plague us. Rose rosette disease on rose bushes, even Knock-Outs, is still in our area and can only be eliminated by digging out the plant, bagging it and putting it in the garbage, not in the lawn waste, which would simply spread the disease. Bag worms, looking like misshapen pine cones, continue to pop up. They can be plucked from the plant and drowned in a bucket of water. Usually bag worms do not kill a tree or shrub but do cause branch-tip die-back.

If you have gardening questions you may call Janie and Tom Cindric at 262-0236 or Doc Clegg at 262-0118. These good residents of the Ranch have incredible knowledge and are willing to help out.

The Garden Club meets on the third Monday of the month in The Lone Star Room, and most of our meetings are open to all Robson residents. Annual dues are $10 per household and are accepted anytime.

As of this writing, the October 19 program is in negotiation. Stay tuned.

Remember the five things essential for successful planting: location, location, location, dumb luck and patience!