Garden Club learns about Wildlife Pollinator Gardening

Barbara Anderson, Garden Club President

On Monday, February 15, the Robson Ranch Garden Club enjoyed a visit from three delightful ladies from Ponder, TX. Expert gardeners Pat England, June Marquis and Joyce Nuckels joined forces to talk about “Wildlife Pollinator Gardening,” encouraging the use of plants native to north Texas. Each presenter showed pictures of their beautiful gardens with the named native plants. Since each of the ladies lives on considerably more property than our lots here at Robson Ranch, they had several gardens, each with a great variety of appropriate “natives,” all adapted to our rock/clay earth. The heat and drought that prevail. The plants shown looked very healthy. The local pollinator bees are happy with the natives too, which help the bees do what they are intended to do: pollinate! The presentations of England, Marquis and Nuckels fit nicely with the philosophy of many Garden Club members: plant natives, and you won’t need to water as much or replace non-north Texas tolerant plants.

March 21 will be the date of the next Garden Club meeting, our usual “third Monday” gathering. We meet in The Lone Star Room in the Clubhouse, at 10:30 a.m. The program will be led by Mr. Gene Holt, Robson resident, on “Bonsai Gardening.” Bonsai is a Japanese technique for growing trees in beautiful tabletop dish gardens for the interior beauty of your home. Some Bonsais are many, many years old, constantly trimmed to keep them small and manageable. If you have never seen Bonsai gardening before, come and learn. You will be amazed.

This meeting is open to all Robson residents, but if you’d like to join the Garden Club, our dues are $5 for the remaining program year, which continues through May 2016. If you are interested in membership, please call Barbara Warren, Membership Chair, at 425-443-4578. Also available for questions is Barbara Anderson, Club President, at 940-239-6504.