Garden Club presentation: Feeding birds on the Ranch


Theresa L. Peoples

Not only do gardeners love their gardens but they also love the birds as well. On Monday, January 15, at 10:30 a.m in the Lone Star Room of the Clubhouse the Garden Club will have Dr. John Kirk, a retired food animal veterinarian and one of the organizers of the Robson Birder organization, give a presentation on “Feeding Birds on the Ranch.”

He will talk about the various feeds for birds and in particular the feeds for common birds on the Ranch. There will be pictures of the feed and the birds.

John is a resident of Robson Ranch and has been retired for three years.

All Ranch residents are invited to attend, and dues for new members are still taken. We encourage you to join as there will be some 2018 outings that will be for “members only.” The dues are $10 per family. Hope to see you there.