Garden Club road trip in May

Barbara Anderson

Members of the Robson Ranch Garden Club enjoyed a plant exchange at our April 21 meeting. Most of those attending went home with at least one plant obtained by the luck-of-the-draw of the winning ticket. Many members had more than one variety of plant to add to their own gardens. Since the meeting was on a Monday followed by a rainy Tuesday, perhaps Mother Nature took care of the initial watering if the new additions had been planted.

Some of the varieties that were shared were iris, daisies, sedums, feather grass, mistflower, aloe, day lilies and lemon balm. Most plants were labeled “aggressive,” and in our heat, drought, clay and rock, any plant that is happy here in north Texas is highly desired.

There will be no meeting at the Ranch in May because the members will be going on a road trip, hoping that the “mound” in Flower Mound is covered with native plants.

Remember that gardeners are the most hopeful people in the world, scattering seed faithfully in spite of inhospitable growing conditions. And miracles occur!