Get Your Pickleball League Update Here!

Team Grip & Rip (photo by Donna Henry)

Lorie Stockton

The Pickleball Club recently completed a league-related survey, and a whopping 295 members responded with interest in various forms of league play. The club board is now using that information to develop a Robson Ranch pickleball league strategy. Read on to see how this makes being part of the club even better.

The survey considered two types of leagues: internal leagues and intercommunity leagues through NETT. Internal leagues are open to Robson Pickleball Club members only. These leagues provide competitive ladder play for women, men, and mixed doubles teams. NETT is an intercommunity league facilitated through Northeast Tarrant Tennis/Pickleball. In this type of league, the Robson Ranch Pickleball Club would compete against other Northeast Tarrant teams. Robson teams would play both at home and away. NETT plays in the fall and spring, each season lasting up to nine weeks.

The HOA and the Pickleball Board approved NETT participation in 2022. Robson Tennis also competes in NETT. This January, the Pickleball Board approved continued NETT participation. The club will field up to four Women’s teams and four Mixed teams. Internal league options are currently being explored.

The board is excited to provide these new play opportunities for a growing club. Robson has the pickleball facilities to support both social and competitive play. League play is a natural progression being experienced by other Robson properties and large clubs across the country as many people discover this great game.

If you would like additional information about league play, please contact Tracey Kucharksi at [email protected] or 682-478-7354.

In addition to league play, the Pickleball Club continues to provide a robust program and play schedule to meet the needs of all players: skill-level play in the morning, reserved group play in the evening, walk-on courts throughout the day, challenge matches for ratings advancement the third Saturday of every month, all-club shootouts the second Saturday of each month, two club tournaments, and two U.S. Senior Pickleball circuit tournaments. And, of course, we continue to expand club participation through Pickleball Academy and lessons from our many great instructors. New to pickleball and want more information? Get in touch with an Ambassador by emailing [email protected].