Girls on Wheels are Right on Target

Girls on Wheels are straight shooters.

Vicki Baker

Thoughts of archery bring about images of Robin Hood, Katniss of the Hunger Games, and Game of Thrones. Whatever it was that inspired Girls on Wheels, we set our sights high and took aim at Cinnamon Creek Ranch Archery for our monthly outing. So, here we were, never having pulled back on a bow other than perhaps a plastic one as a child. We registered for the three-hour indoor archery class which included bow, arrows, range time, and instruction from a pro archer.

The start of the session was spent learning to stand, set the arrow, hold the bow, and take aim at the target. After receiving instructions and shooting tips, we took to the range.

We each advanced to the shooting line, fit the arrow onto the bow, then raised it. We established our body position – standing sideways to the target, back straight, shoulders relaxed, left arm extended out, and right elbow drawn back. Before we shot, we checked that our hand wasn’t gripping the bow too tightly, with our thumb and forefinger just meeting around the bow.

In those moments of lining up the shot we maintained absolute focus. When everything was aligned, we let go, our hand pulling back to rest on our shoulder after the shot. Watching the arrow soar through the air was magical. There were shouts of jubilation, “Wow, did you see how fast that arrow flew right past the target!” And then we got to do it all over again and again and again.

At first it was a bit frustrating when shot after shot our arrows missed their mark. After some time, we all gradually improved. We finally figured out the “click” and shot the arrow where we wanted it to go. Those that started off missing the target completely eventually hit the bull’s eye. We shared whooping, hollering, and high fives.

Shooting seems easy, right? Not! It was simple to learn, yet so hard to perfect. The sport required precision, control, focus, physical ability, and determination. Although fun, it was taxing at the same time. Lasting through only half our session, we all needed a break and headed for lunch at Taste of Asia featuring a blend of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes.

Rehashing our day over stir-fry, fried rice, and spring rolls, Girls on Wheels found that when the arrow is shot, it slides through our fingers and goes screaming through the air in whichever direction our aim sends it. But regardless of where the arrow strikes, there is never a doubt, girlfriends are always right on target – one marked by unwavering support and lifelong friendships. Girls on Wheels ended the day knowing we definitely scored more than a bull’s eye.