Girls on Wheels Celebrate a Year of Holiday Cheer

Girls on Wheels having a wonderful Christmas time

Vicki Baker

‘Tis the season. We love this festive time of year. We love the dazzling lights, sparkling decorations, delectable sweet treats, cold wintery weather, and sing-along carols. We especially love the holiday shows and entertainment where we become immersed in a full-on Christmas experience—a chance to escape the to-do lists and the stress of the season and just be entertained.

Too often, we get so busy with the hustle and bustle of the holidays that we run out of time for fun. Not this year, though. The perfect place for Girls on Wheels (Nancy Burns, Lois Reinhart, Cassie Richardson, Shirley Monge, Karen DiPietro, and Vicki Baker) to be merry, bright, and feeling all right was Theatre Arlington’s musical production Hooray for Holidays, a Christmas performance that brought magic to life.

Remember the days of Perry Como’s or Andy Williams’ Christmas Specials? We all gathered around the TV to watch these holiday shows, waiting in anticipation to see which superstar would make a guest appearance. Well, Christmas came early this year with Hooray for Holidays: Theatre Arlington’s Musical TV Special.

The television network has decided to reboot one of their old blockbuster series, The Callahan Kids TV Christmas Special. Everyone is excited about the former child stars’ return to television until they realize that, as grown-ups, they’re no longer cute, and their talent is lacking. The former stars of yesteryear try desperately to rekindle that TV holiday spark, but the only thing that can save the show is a Christmas miracle.

The storyline mixed family troubles, romances, and friendships. Christmas can be the happiest time of the year or the loneliest, and the show tapped into the emotions the season can bring. Whether you are a resilient Grinch, a hopeless romantic, or a confused family member, Hooray for Holidays hit the chords with heartwarming storytelling and lessons to be learned.

There was lots of singing, dancing, and all-around good fun. We walked away in a better mindset than when we went in. Cheers to the silly side of the season! Something we need so much of right now.