Girls on Wheels Empowered through Self-Defense

Vicki Baker

Walking alone in a parking lot and feeling uneasy? Getting a weird vibe from that other person standing in the elevator? Approached by a stranger while your hands are full of groceries? Many of us have been there. We live in a dangerous and, sometimes, violent world. The potential to become a victim of a crime is a very real threat to all women, regardless of our age or where we live. The best way to protect ourselves is through caution and learning self-defense techniques that deter or fend off an attacker.

Under the guidance of Diane Reeve, an eight-degree black belt at the Vision Martial Arts Center, Girls on Wheels enrolled in a private two-hour course in the basics of self defense to prevent, overcome, and conquer assaults both in and outside our home.

The class focused on practical hands-on strategies and tactics through role playing, group discussions, and physical practice. We learned concrete ways to respond to conflict and violence—how to avoid looking like a victim, defending against grabs and strikes, turning everyday objects into improvised weapons, and anti-abduction maneuvers.

The course was jammed packed as we kicked, punched, and jabbed our way through a myriad of attack scenarios. Yet, despite the serious subject matter, we also shared lots of laughs while practicing those moves, fighting off staged attacks, and hitting punching bags.

Nothing beats learning self-defense strategies, against possible attacks and threats, from a trained professional. Girls on Wheels learned ways to successfully defend ourselves so we don’t become another statistic. If the unthinkable happens and we’re faced with an attacker, we now know the right moves ahead of time, a key to escaping safely. We are empowered!