Good Food, Good Wine, Good Discussion, Good Fun!

Johno Morisano and Executive Chef Mashama Bailey, owners of The Grey

Tiffany Ramzy

What do Savanna, Ga., and Denton, Texas, have in common? “Dirty Rice,” “Braised Cabbage with Tomatoes and Fish Sauce,” “Deviled Eggs,” and “Peach Cobbler.” Recently, several Robson ladies tried their hand at these recipes and others from the executive chef at The Grey, a southern-style restaurant in Savanna, which is now one of the most celebrated restaurants in the country.

The ladies, members of the Voices United Diversity in Action Committee, got the idea from member Adele Stewart who read the book Black, White, and The Grey, a dual memoir about the trials and triumphs of a Black chef from Queens, N.Y. (Mashama Bailey) and a White media entrepreneur from Staten Island (Johno Morisano) who built a relationship and a restaurant in the Deep South, hoping to bridge biases and get people talking about race, gender, class, and culture.

Adele invited other members to read the book and then get together for a book discussion and a sharing/tasting event with food from recipes in the book.

The get-together was held at Adele’s house on Friday, July 22, and everyone’s recipes came out great! Not only was the food delicious, but the conversation left everyone hungry for more of this type of interaction.

“Bonded by a common viewpoint on what makes for delicious food, Johno Morisano and Chef Mashama Bailey partnered to build The Grey in Historic Downtown Savannah. Occupying a 1938 art deco Greyhound Bus Terminal that they painstakingly restored to its original luster, The Grey offers a food, wine, and service experience that is simultaneously familiar and elevated. Bringing her personal take on Port City Southern food to a city of her youth allows Mashama to tap into all of her experiences to create dishes that are deep, layered, and soulful in their flavors. With a penchant for regional produce, seafood, and meats, guests will find a melting pot of surprising and comforting tastes in all of Mashama’s cooking with something new revealed in each and every visit. A focus on European wines, Atlantic Trade liquors, and warm, old-world hospitality are the additional elements necessary to provide a complete experience for guests. The Grey continues the building’s long tradition of transporting people to a destination, but that destination is now one of elevated hospitality and intrinsic satisfaction.” —

Who knows, you might soon read about some Voices United members taking a trip to Savanna for a meal at The Grey.

Voices United is a non-partisan group of Robson Ranch women who share progressive values, perform community outreach, provide civic awareness and social contact for members, and have a good time! We are a 501(c)3 organization open to Robson Ranch residents. We have a current membership of 75 and would love to have you join us. For more information, contact [email protected].