Good Friday Remembrance

Steve Gornik

Easter weekend events are foundational events in the history of Christianity. Some may say it is the most important event in the history of the world with over 2 billion people calling themselves Christians. While most people celebrate Easter Sunday, many churches have events reflecting on Good Friday—the day Jesus died on the cross. With the restrictions from COVID-19, several Christians on the Ranch decided to make a wood outline of a cross on an empty lot and place rocks on Good Friday to symbolize something that they wanted Jesus to intercede about—a relationship, a sin, a blessing, a situation, or even COVID-19. Emails were sent to bible study groups on the Ranch who then forwarded the emails to others. People came one-by-one on Good Friday, placed their rock on the cross, and spent some time in reflection. There were big rocks, little rocks, painted rocks, rocks with scripture on them, fancy rocks, smooth rocks, and rocks that were just on the lot. The variety of rocks reminds us how we can be so different but have a common faith. Over 180 rocks were placed on the cross. Just another way Robson Ranchers come together.

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