Grandma’s Apron

Speaker and Director Jois Ross

Speaker and Director Jois Ross

Sherry Zeise

Nancy Nevius graciously welcomed New Life Ladies’ Lunch Bunch back to her delightful home to enjoy food and fellowship, of course, but especially to have Director Jois Ross and her great team repeat a former special program on “Aprons”.

Ladies were invited to bring dishes and desserts from beloved recipes made by special people in their lives. Jois collected the recipes and compiled them to email to attendees. As we ate, stories were shared about the dish, making our meal more meaningful.

We were also asked to wear a special apron we had been given or purchased for a special occasion and Jois gave each “wearer” time to share the history of that apron. Some brought tears, knowing what a blessing that apron had brought with it.

Jois and Peggy Zilinsky narrated the program while Ruth Klein modeled the particular apron discussed. Various ladies shared Scriptures, too.

We realized that Adam and Eve were the first apron wearers; fig leaf ones used to cover themselves after sin destroyed their innocence.

We all grew up having a mother or grandmother who used an apron all the time. It’s amazing how versatile and useful they were. Jois surprised us, listing so many types of aprons and their uses, such as: the basic, everyday apron, serving apron, catch-all apron, dish towel apron, wedding apron and novelty apron. It was amazing to realize that the Lord had ladies come with examples of each apron mentioned, though they had no idea it would fit the program.

Aprons helped: keep limited wardrobe clean-only a few dresses, so little time; facilitate chores-carrying eggs, veggies, clothespins, straws, and order books; take the place of many items-baskets, bowls, nets; wipe away tears and sooth broken hearts; clean hands, faces and surfaces; celebrate a special occasion-as a gift, or worn to serve.

“Yes, Grandma’s aprons had many uses. Much time may pass before someone invents something as grand as that old-time apron-the one which served so many different purposes.”

Just as Grandma’s apron covered her dress, so Christ came to cover the sins of those who repent and receive Him as personal Savior. He became sin for us. John 3:16

Acts 5:29-32 shares that “The God of our fathers raised Jesus from the dead…God exalted Him to His own right hand as Prince and Savior that He might give repentance and forgiveness of sins…We are witnesses of these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey Him.”

Christ said He would not leave us alone, but would send His Holy Spirit to us. How like Grandma’s apron, comforting and encouraging us in hard or weak moments!

Throughout the program, many encouraging, stirring songs touched us as Judy Fairchild played and we sang together, or as Sherry Zeise and Pat File sang a solo or duet.

Our Savior used the program to remind us that, like Grandma’s apron, He says, “I’ve got you covered!”