Gratitude and Thank You to Robson Ranch and So Many More!

After Schoolers and LaGrone Academy volunteers celebrate a great garage sale!

The After Schoolers again had a great garage sale, but the congratulations has to be celebrated by many wonderful individuals.

First, to everyone who donated all your items to the sale, your generosity is overwhelming. The quality of donated items is always excellent and in big demand by our customers. Thank you!

The LaGrone student volunteers were an amazing help, showing up at 6:30 a.m. to help unload items from volunteers’ cars and then frantically helping sort and place items in correct locations. They continued to wait and help when needed until the end of the sale when they helped clean and load up items left over. Their spirit and polite manners were enjoyed by customers and the After Schoolers.

A special thank you to the men and women in the community who volunteered to help us with hauling and picking up items for the sale. This was coordinated by Bob Cook and Sam Karr, two amazing supporters whom we can’t thank enough!

Gratitude also to the support and help from the Robson Ranch HOA and their employees, who helped us coordinate our sale. Everyone couldn’t have been more helpful to make our event work!

Finally, a special thank you to the board of the After Schoolers for another great sale, with recognition to President Kathy Jacobs and Vice President/Garage Sale Chairman Corky Pledger.

To anyone who bought, worked, donated, and supported the After Schoolers, please accept our thanks and know every cent will go to the support of our two schools, LaGrone Academy and Borman Elementary.