Gun Club News

New officers Miguel “Coco” Ondina, president, and Chris Simpson, vice president (photo by Judy Ondina)

The Robson Ranch Gun Club has an active membership of over 400, and over 100 are women. Shooting activities are encouraged and organized for all members. The Range Day group shoots monthly, either indoors at Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville or outdoors at Quail Creek. The Sporting Clays group travels to Fossil Pointe in Decatur weekly where groups are divided into 100-round shooters and 50-round shooters. Additionally, the training group organizes many training classes throughout the year. The classes already lined up for this year’s training include Basic Pistol Course and the Texas License to Carry class. The courses are provided by an independent certified firearms instructor.

This year there will be more shooting events to allow members to shoot historical arms. These will include but are not limited to Old West Indian Wars, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam Era. The Historical Arms group has held quarterly presentations, which spurred an abundant interest in shooting some of the weaponry from these eras.

The mission of the club is to promote safety, education, legal sporting, and recreational use of firearms through the fellowship and training of its members.

The Gun Club holds their monthly meetings on the second Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the clubhouse. During the monthly meeting, you can count on hearing from a variety of speakers throughout the area and from the membership.

For additional information or answers to your questions, please contact Miguel “Coco” Ondina at [email protected] or Chris Simpson at [email protected].