Halloween fun at the Women’s Club

Teresa Blackburn-Korn

A “spooktacular” time was had by all who attended the October Women’s Club Meeting/Luncheon! Almost everyone in attendance wore some sort of costume, scary/funny shirt or dressed in black and orange colors. Sharon Foy, Ruby Wilson and Chris Melo decorated the tables with traditional Halloween ornaments of jack-o-lanterns, masks, bling-bling and seasonal candy.

President Mala Bowdouris called the meeting to order, recognized all October birthdays, first-time attendees, new members and the greeters for the luncheon: Geraldine Gawle, Barbara Geiser, Betty Silich, Linda Stuart and Nanci Zipes. Treasurer Donna Ross reported a bank balance of $14,339, and Membership Chairman B.J. Watson reported current membership is 415. Mala then recognized Lucy Rees for displaying her beautiful (original design) quilt featuring Harry Potter characters, Sherri Twiggs for her spooky houses embroidered quilt, and Sharen Clifford for her jack-o-lantern quilt. She then introduced the Nominating Committee Chairperson, Darla Mahan. Darla reported that the Nominating Committee members are Sally Baggott, Sharon Foy, Janice Brown and Linda Strader, and they are proposing the following officers for the 2015 Executive Board: President Elect, Teresa Blackburn-Korn; 1st VP Membership, Donna Ross; 2nd VP Programs, Peggy Crandell; Secretary, Linda Overfield; Treasurer, Judy Ondina; Parlimentarian, Joyce Ambre; and Luncheon Coordinator, Joan Krause. The Women’s Club President for 2015 will be Susan Hebert.

Guest speaker for the luncheon was Shelly Tucker, also known as the “Ghost Lady of Denton.” She kept everyone on the edge of their seats as she told a couple of frightening stories. But before Shelly began her chilling storytelling, the audience had a surprise treat to see club members dressed in spooky costumes take the stage to perform a choreographed dance to The Monster Mash. Monster Mashers included Linda Overfield, Donna Ross, Sandy Petty, Nancy Toppan, Vickie Batten, Marilyn Melo and Geraldine Gawley. Bert Zeitlin provided the music and choreography to create this great entertainment.