Happy Birthday to you! – Susan Glazer ushers in 97

Susan with her daughter Beth; photo by Mary Ornberg

Susan with her daughter Beth; photo by Mary Ornberg

Janie Farnsworth

On July 14 the Wildhorse Lady Niners celebrated our matriarchal member Susan Glazer’s 97th birthday. She came to us on a hurricane called Ike in 2008 from Beaumont, TX. A happy birthday song and cake greeted Susan after she played nine holes of golf. There was a sizeable crowd with birthday cards to wish her many more years to come.

I have had the distinct privilege and pleasure of playing golf with Susan numerous times. She is very independent on the golf course, so do not try and take care of her. She hits that ball very straight, much more so than the rest of us. However, she does like to be chauffeured.

She has two children in the DC area, one in Arizona and her daughter, Beth, from Alaska is visiting with her now. Susan travels to see her family quite frequently. She claims many grandchildren and a great-grandchild on the way.

In my conversation with Susan she gave me a quote, which I think residents here at Robson can relate to. I was asking her what comes next, she said she is working on that, but “that life comes in bunches.” She has had many challenges in recent years, but she attributes her long life to playing golf. According to her, as long as she can keep playing golf, life is good.