Happy Tails Dog Club Is Happening!

Kim Grasser, Lorraine Wilson, and Sandy McAfee at March 5 Open House

Lorraine Wilson

On Saturday, March 5, Happy Tails Dog Club joined the other Robson Ranch clubs at the Open House held in the clubhouse. Board members Kim Grasser, Lorraine Wilson, Sandy McAfee, Rebecca Laschinger, and Donna Steibel staffed our booth during the event. Everyone had a good time talking and meeting with new Robson Ranch residents. We handed out several applications, and nine new members joined our club. A warm welcome to all new and future members.

Paul Lake, founder and executive director of Search One Rescue, was our speaker for our March 12 meeting. Search One Rescue teams helps official government agencies find lost or missing persons, including missing children, elderly walkaways, suicidal persons, human remains, disaster victims, and many other types of searches. Paul gave a fascinating talk about the work they do and how much training both handlers and dogs have to go through to be a part of this group. Paul and his daughter Colbie managed his two search and rescue dogs Bolt and Goose, and both were very friendly, happy, and loving dogs who just wanted attention and to play. It was hard to believe these dogs engage in such serious work. It was an eye-opener to find out that this valuable resource to our community is funded completely by private donations and grants, and everyone involved is a volunteer with most working full-time jobs. We had a packed audience, and everyone really enjoyed learning more about Search One Rescue. If you are interested in donating to this organization, go to searchone.org.

Our April 9 meeting was a dog owner meet and brag event. We asked members to send in photos of their dog(s) and, during the meeting, to take a few minutes to introduce themselves and their furry companions and to tell us how they found, rescued, or purchased their beloved pet; the breed of their pet; characteristics they most love (and those that drive them crazy); and any special training they and their pet went through to achieve perfect harmony. This was a chance to get to know fellow members and tell the whole club about the current dog(s) in your life.

At the May 14 meeting we will have a very special guest, Dr. Amanda Florsheim. Dr. Florsheim is a native Dallas veterinarian and certified behavior consultant-canine (CBCC-KA). She is the only veterinarian in the Dallas-Fort Worth area whose practice focuses exclusively on behavior medicine. Dr. Florsheim is the founder and owner of Veterinary Behavior Solutions and The Training Studio in Carrollton. Be sure to attend this invaluable meeting to hear from a true dog expert.

The Robson Ranch Happy Tails Dog Club meets the second Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m. in the CATC building, Room 103. We invite everyone who has a dog or is interested in dogs to join our club. New membership dues are $10 per household per year, and renewal is $5. Check out our club and our pets on our website rrhappytailsdogclub.weebly.com.