Happy Tails Dog of the Month is Brutus



David Laschinger

The Svobodas moved to Robson Ranch from Philadelphia just under 10 years ago. They have always been big dog lovers, having had five schnauzers in the past. The last of their schnauzers passed to the Rainbow Bridge three years ago. A year ago they were fortunate to have Brutus come into their lives.

Brutus had belonged to the adult children of their very good friends, but the family had a brand new baby, a five year old child and two cats. The parents were working full-time and taking care of three houses. Their two-year-old playful puppy wasn’t getting much attention, so Rick and Linda adopted him.

A week after Rick and Linda got Brutus, he got loose. When running after him, Linda broke her ankle. During her recovery, Brutus was her constant companion and couch buddy.

Brutus is a cream colored shih tzu poodle mix. He loves to play catch, and when no one is available to play with him he throws his toys up in the air and catches them. He loves to sit on the top of chairs, and he is very good with children and other dogs. He also loves his walks and going to the dog park. Brutus especially enjoys having have play days with his BFF, Rocky, down the street.

Like many pets, Brutus is spoiled. He sleeps in the bed with Rick and Linda. And like most dogs, Brutus has his quirks. He loves to lick lotion off of Linda’s leg. She has to apply it in the closet with the door shut then put on pants to keep him from licking it off.

Brutus is the reason Linda joined the Happy Tails Dog Club where she is now an officer.

The Happy Tails Dog Club meets in the Creative Arts Building the second Saturday morning of the month at 10:30 a.m. Everyone is invited to attend and hear the excellent guest speakers. The February speaker will discuss how to provide for pets in estate planning.