Your help is needed with Northstar

As part of our implementation of the Northstar software, it is important to begin with good data. Homeowner and property data are currently housed in numerous places: Robson’s ownership records, the HOA office, the ALC records and more. Northstar allows all of our membership and homeownership records to be maintained in one place, and all of the HOA departments will draw from the same data.

We need every resident’s help to make sure that our records are current and complete. To do that we are conducting a membership information drive both online and in person. If you have access to the internet the link for the form is located on the homepage of the Robson Ranch HOA website or you can visit and fill out the online form for data about you and your household. The questions ask about who lives at your address, contact information for each person, how you wish to receive your HOA bills and names and contact information for the people you would like notified in case of emergency. The online form is expected to take no more than 10 minutes to fill out and submit. Please be assured that the form is encrypted, and your data will only be used for the HOA and will not be shared or sold.

If you don’t have access to a computer, paper forms are available at the reception desk at the clubhouse.

Later this year residents will be issued a new homeowner card with a new member number, photo and RFID chip. Photos provide an extra level of security in the event your homeowner card is lost. More details on distribution of the new cards will be available soon.

If we don’t have your photo yet your card will be issued without it for temporary use, and we will contact you after October 1 to have it taken. If you are not at Robson Ranch right now we can take your photo when you return.

In addition to being used for identification, the new cards have the potential to be used for expanded charging privileges such as purchasing tickets for Robson Ranch events and activities.

Northstar is a leading provider of business management software for private clubs and community associations. Their state-of-the-art community management software system is being rolled out in all Robson Communities (RCI) this year to maximize operational efficiencies. Northstar offers enhanced financial reporting and increased capabilities in managing business operations such as accounting, food and beverage operations and golf management along with many other enhancements for HOA operations.

The transition to Northstar is a large and ongoing project that began in 2016 with the expectation that the system hardware and software will be implemented on August 1, 2017. RCI is paying for the cost of the installation and management of  the project.